Turn On Your Imagination

Turn on your imagination. What does it really mean?

Is there a button or a switch in your mind that you can just press or flip and everything imaginative starts flooding your mind? I doubt so, because if there really was, then all the writers in the world would never face writer’s blocks.

Are some people more imaginative than others? I would say everyone can be as imaginative as others, but how imaginative you can be depends to what you had been exposed to. For example, recently, I overheard my daughter (4 y.o) telling my son (2 y.o) to pretend to drink this empty milk bottle. She told him that this is the “magical potion that will make you stronger and help you defeat the evil monster!”

Amused and impressed by her imagination because we’ve never told her anything about a magical potion, we asked her where she got that idea from. She explained that she had seen it in some cartoon!

Hence, for us to be imaginative, we need to widen our exposure to the various possibilities. With that, I hope that my stories will widen your imaginative scope and hopefully, one day, you can help me widen mine too.

So now, let’s turn on your imagination!

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