Let’s work together!

Soon we’ll have some semblance of a normal life. It’s not, yet… but we’ll get there. However, we can only do so if we all work together.
There’s 2 major ideology wrecking the world right now: Individualism and Government Cynicism.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to people having individuality. However people have confused the need to be unique with selfishness, which is to act with disregard to others’ safety and interest. That is appalling to say the least.
Same goes for Government¬†Cynicism, which is to doubt the good intention of the governing body even when it is for the greater good of the society at large. Our own government is not perfect, but none is. Clearly the ‘golden standards’ of Western democracy have failed. Are we able to see whether our government have our best interest? Are we going to fall into the fallacy that everything by the ruling party has to be bad, has to be rejected or has to be opposed? We’re better than that, smarter than that, don’t you agree?
So let’s not undo the efforts we have made the last month and a half and let’s continue to do our part!

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