Library of Mystory (Paperback)

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What happens when a Prince and a commoner discover the Library of Mystory and find out about their fates? What happens when the fate of the kingdom is tied to theirs? What happens when any attempt to change their fates is punishable by powerful magic? What happens when they only have less than a month? Find out in this original fairytale like none other.

Hardcover: 978-1-4828-5503-6
Softcover: 978-1-4828-5502-9
eBook: 978-1-4828-5504-3

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2 reviews for Library of Mystory (Paperback)

  1. Laura

    Super awesome book! The twist at the end was really unexpected!

  2. YW Au (verified owner)

    It was a hypnotising read…once started, I couldn’t put the book down. I loved the ending, such a surprise that I had not anticipated! Highly recommended read!

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