Life lesson for us all?

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Recently a friend of mine sent this meme over WhatsApp. When I saw it, I was confused because I wondered what was the life lesson that was being taught through this.

When I asked my friend about it, his answer was “Spamming classes for your child before they step into society? Overpreparedness?” and suddenly I was enlightened.

Oh course, this meme was created in jest, but it definitely got me thinking: “Is there really a ‘life lesson’ here that we can learn?” Is it really true that “You can’t go wrong with being over-prepared.”

I would think there is. There is something that goes wrong with being overly obsessed to hit ‘Level 99’ even before the ‘first boss’ which has to do with time.

As we all know, time is the one resource that we can never get back once it’s used. When someone prepares so much or even too much when the situation clearly does not require of it, then they are wasting the valuable resource of time–which could have been better spent elsewhere learning other skills, developing other interests or simply just having a good rest.

Well enough musing, time for me to go waste my time on playing my video games.